Self-Service Steamer -Opensource [ST-002]


  • TWD: NT$ 35,447

  • 3kW rating
  • +130°C high temperature steam vapour
  • Opensource product.
  • Self-Service Steam Cleaning Machine are compact in size to fit almost any environment
  • Kills germs,dissolves fat and dirt.




Model ST-001 ST-002  ★
Self-Service Steamer Self-Service Steamer
Steam Generator 1-Phase 220V 1-Phase 220V
Steam Temperature +130°C  high temperature steam vapour +130°C  high temperature steam vapour
Maximum output 3.9kW 3kW
Steam production 30 g-120g/min (adjustable) 30 g-90g/min (adjustable)
Power supply 220 V / 50-60 Hz 220 V / 50-60 Hz
Water tank 13L X
*Pressure relief system

When the Steam Lance is switched off, the steam pressure is relieved in the water tank to prevent the steam from generating too much pressure.

Dryer V
Sensor Human Body V
WiFi remote monitoring V
Payment method Cash-coin Cash-coin
Dimensions (cm)  Width 25/Length 40/ Height 130 Width 45/Length 29/Height 49
Weight (kg) 32 25


Self-Service Steamer ST-001


Self-Service Steamer ST-002 ★

  • Perfect Disinfecting Tool:
    Steam is released at a temperature of 130°C, delivering the ultimate disinfection solution.
  • Water-Saving Feature:
    Washing one car requires only a small amount of water without the need for additives. This protects the car surface from damage, and our machine is environmentally friendly, causing no pollution while maintaining high efficiency.
    Moreover, our machine can not only clean the car surface but also the car interior, engine, air conditioning pipeline, and more.
  • Cleans all types of commercial surfaces and devices.
  • Utilizes high-pressure steam vapor to effectively clean under guards, behind panels, and areas where grime and dirt accumulate.

Advantage :

1.strong enough steam pressure.
2.continuous stable and reliable cleaning work.
3.Self-Service Steam Cleaning Machine are compact in size to fit almost any environment and location,providing hot steam in an instant for wash.
4.Fireproof housing.
5.Separate steam lance for cleaning of the details.

Product Display :

Ideal for washing:
Inside car,Car body,Engine,Tires,,Motorbikes,Car mats,Bicycles,Plush accessories,Pillows,Hats,Shoes,Bags,Safety helmets, and more.

Cleans various commercial surfaces and devices, including:

  • Cars (interior and exterior)
  • Stainless steel products.
  • Health service.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Food industry.
  • Tiles, terracotta, grouts.
  • Carpets and floor coverings
  • Suitable for car detailers and car wash businesses.
  • Kills germs and effectively dissolves fat and dirt.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 29 × 45 × 49 cm

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