Automatic Writing Machine

Automatic Writing Machine


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Automatic Writing Machine –
Streamlining Your Writing Experience

Enhanced Structure for Writing in Thick Books

Automatic Writing Machine, designed with an upgraded structure that overcomes the traditional challenge of writing in thick books, making the process more convenient and effortless. The machine’s advanced mechanism ensures smooth writing, even in thick pages, allowing you to enjoy a seamless writing experience. Additionally, the metal pen holder provides a firm grip, ensuring precise and comfortable writing every time. Say goodbye to the limitations of writing in thick books and embrace the efficiency of our Automatic Writing Machine.

Automatic Writing Machine,Streamlining Your Writing Experience. Automatic Writing Machine,Streamlining Your Writing Experience.


Automatic Writing Machine

Upgraded structure with thick pages, completely breaking through the traditional obstacle of writing in thick books and making writing more convenient.

Metal pen holder with firm grip The pen is firmly held in place with a stable and lightweight structure, providing quiet writing with realistic and smooth font without any shaking.

Product Specifications:

Size: 41x32x13cm
Power supply: 12V 6A
Writing area: 210x297mm A4
Writing thickness: 0-3cm
Writing speed: 120 adjustable
Precision: 0.1mm
Weight: 5kg

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