PCB Circuit Board Production: Full-service Manufacturing Solution

PCB Design and Small Batch Manufacturing

The services offered include LAYOUT design, circuit design/program design, small batch circuit board production, and PCB circuit board production. In LAYOUT design, circuit diagrams or hand-drawn circuit diagrams are redrawn into electronic circuit diagram files to ensure precise and accurate designs. The team of professionals provides circuit design/program design, customized program, and hardware development to cater to unique requirements.

For small batch circuit board production, we provide Bill of Materials (BOM) list plugins and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) services to ensure efficient and accurate manufacturing. We manufacture various types of PCB circuit boards, including single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multilayer boards, special boards, flexible boards, and aluminum substrate boards. Our power converter designs encompass DC/DC converters and AC/DC converters, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.

PCB Circuit Board Production, circuit board design, PCB layout.
PCB Circuit Board Production,Small batch circuit board production and sample replication, circuit board design.
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PCB circuit board production, PCB design, small-batch manufacturing, power converters, DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, circuit board design, industrial control, circuit board repair.
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  • LAYOUT design:

    Please provide a circuit diagram or hand-drawn circuit diagram to redraw as an electronic circuit diagram file.

  • Circuit design/Program design:

    Customized program, customized hardware.

  • Small batch circuit board production:

    Please provide a Bill of Materials (BOM) list, plug-ins, and SMT.

  • PCB circuit board production:

    Single-sided board / Double-sided board / Multilayer board / Special board / Flexible board / Aluminum substrate production.

  • Power converters:

    DC/DC converter, AC/DC converter, customized design.