Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery UPS System – High-Performance Energy Storage Solution

Energy Storage Systems, Customized Services – Providing Stable, Long-lasting, and Secure Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems, specifically the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery UPS System, is a high-performance energy storage solution that combines advanced battery technology with reliable energy storage systems. We offer customized services to ensure stable performance, long lifespan, and explosion-proof safety of the system. By leveraging the advantages of customization, we are able to meet various needs and provide the following benefits:

Stable Performance, Long Lifespan, Explosion-proof Safety, Sufficient Capacity

Stable Performance: The LiFePO4 Battery UPS system provides stable performance, ensuring continuous and reliable power support.
Long Lifespan: The system design effectively extends the lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.
Explosion-proof Safety: The system is equipped with explosion-proof features, ensuring safe operation in any situation.
Sufficient Capacity: The system has ample capacity to meet the energy demands of various applications.

Battery Energy Storage System, LiFePO4 Battery UPS System, Stable Performance, Long Lifespan, Explosion-proof Safety, Sufficient Capacity, High-performance Energy Storage Solution
Customized services for battery modules and energy storage
Battery Energy Storage System, LiFePO4 Battery UPS System, Battery Modules and Storage Features - Battery Modules, Protection Technology, Capacity Verification, Customized Design, Production Line Applications, Expandable Capacity, Communication Interfaces, Multiple Output Formats.

1.  Choose the latest and best battery modules.
2.  Adopt the best battery protection technology.
3.  Verify the battery capacity and prohibit false labeling or use of recycled batteries.
4.  Customize charging method, output power, charging capacity, energy management function, and cabinet size.
5.  Customize battery cabinets suitable for use in production line environments.
6.  Expand battery capacity and optimize characteristic standard testing.
7.  Expand communication interface options based on demand.
8.  Multiple output formats available for selection.

Assembly Process Characteristics
LiFePO4 Battery UPS Assembly Features - PWM Charging, Modular Battery, Active Balancing, Touchscreen Monitoring, Secure Metal Cabinet

1.Utilize the PWM charging method to prevent battery damage during charging.
2.Utilize modularized batteries with each cell equipped with protective circuits to prevent damage to the battery.
3.Utilize active balancing function to effectively extend battery life and capacity.
4.Equipped with a touch screen monitoring system to monitor various battery usage parameters in real time.
5.The secure metal cabinet provides protection against potential hazards.

Scope of support

Charging options:

1. Single-phase AC 110V / AC 220V / AC 380V
2. Three-phase AC 220V / AC 380V
3. Solar panel charging
4. Wind turbine charging
5. Output voltage options: AC 110V / AC 220V / AC 380V / DC 12V–48V
6. Output power range: 5KW – 30KW
7. Charging capacity range: 10KWh – 150kWh
8. Output channel options: 1 – 6 channels.