Circuit Board Decryption and Replication Solutions

Professional PCB Replication Process Solutions

Circuit Board Decryption , PCB replication and replication are specialized technical services that address circuit board design challenges. We decrypt and reconstruct circuit board design data, recover lost designs, and provide burning file solutions for missing programming or damaged IC models. Our high-quality PCB decryption and replication solutions accurately bring innovative ideas to life.

IC Decryption,PCB replication, providing burning file service after IC decryption, solving the issue of program loss or data retention after engineer departure.

After IC decryption,we provide programming files for burning, suitable for cases where the program is lost or relevant data is not retained after the departure of the original design engineer.

IC Model Inquiry Service - Solving the issue of identifying worn-out model numbers.

If the model of an IC program has worn away and is no longer identifiable, we provide a model identification service based on chip opening or function inference.

PCB cloning,PCB replication, circuit board replication, maintaining the same layout as the original circuit.

Duplicate the existing PCB circuit board through a single-layer or multi-layer replication process, while maintaining the same PCB layout and circuitry as the original board.

Reverse engineering of circuits,PCB schematic reverse engineering, aiding in understanding operation principles and modifying functionality

PCB circuit diagram reverse engineering services, which facilitate a better understanding of the circuit’s operation and enable modifications.

Prototype reproduction,Reference circuit board sample production: Identical circuit board

Customers provide reference circuit board samples for the production of circuit boards identical to the original samples.

PCB cloning,PCB Reproduction, Circuit Board Copy
PCB Layout, Re-Layout Design
PCB Redesign, Analyzing Operational Principles, Re-Design, PCB Design
SECS/GEM Semiconductor communication terminal equipment replacement.
SECS/GEM Semiconductor communication terminal equipment replacement.