Productized Service Based on Open Resources

Tailored AI Development


Customer Service/Marketing


PCB Circuit Board Production, circuit board design, PCB layout.


Electronic engineering services

AI application devices, AI device design and manufacturing, reducing resource waste, open-source hardware integration, ChatGPT device application, AI-driven creative equipment.AI,Open AI,ChatGPT

Application Device Design & Manufacturing

Open-source module,Circuit integration engineering,open source circuit integration engineering is a service based on language systems such as Arduino, Python and Android.Open source circuit integration,core board,I/O Board,Sensor Board,Open Source Circuit Integration.

Open Source Circuit Integration

Circuit board cracking/copying,core board,I/O Board,Sensor Board,Reverse engineering of circuits,PCB schematic reverse engineering, aiding in understanding operation principles and modifying functionality.Prototype reproduction,Reference circuit board sample production,Identical circuit board.

Circuit Board Cracking/Copying

PCB Circuit Board Production, circuit board design, PCB layout.

PCB Circuit Board Production

Instruments & Equipment

Particle Analyzer,Particle Data System,Partical Size Analyser

Particle Analyzer

Solar Power Generation Monitoring System - Real-time Monitoring of Solar Panel Status

Solar Power Generation Monitoring System

Orbital welding machine

Orbital Welding

Instrumentation Equipment,Customization of Instrumentation Design, starting from conceptualizing functionalities, including electronic control planning, mechanical integration, circuit configuration, to production. If you cannot find a suitable manufacturer to assist in customizing instruments, our small-scale customization service is the key advantage of our service offerings.

Instrumentation Equipment

Themed Project Products

Lithium Iron Phosphate UPS Battery Assembly - Pulse Charging, Modular Battery, Active Balancing, Touchscreen Monitoring, Safety Metal Cabinet.

Battery Energy Storage System

Self-service steam cleaning machine

Self-Service Steam Cleaning

Laser welding machine procurement

Track Welder Procurement

Invention and Patents, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Green Energy, Artificial Intelligence,AI

Invention and Patents

Control Panel Dashboard

Nameplate Stickers - Providing Professional Identification Solutions.


Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Touch Switch, Customized Touch Switch

Touch Switch

Touchscreen Customization Service

Touch Screen

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