Productized Service Based on Open Resources

Electronic engineering services

AI,Open AI,ChatGPT

Application Device Design & Manufacturing

Open source circuit integration,core board,I/O Board,Sensor Board,Open Source Circuit Integration

Open Source Circuit Integration

Circuit board cracking/copying,core board,I/O Board,Sensor Board

Circuit Board Cracking/Copying

PCB Circuit Board Production,PCB,Blank boards,Prototypes,Small batches

PCB Circuit Board Production

Instruments & Equipment

Partical Size Analyser

Particle Analyzer

Plasma equipment

Plasma Equipment

Orbital welding machine

Orbital Welding

New energy machinery and equipment

New Energy Aachinery
& Equipment

Themed Project Products

Battery energy storage system

Battery Energy Storage System

Self-service steam cleaning machine

Self-Service Steam Cleaning Machine

Laser welding machine procurement

Laser Welding Machine Procurement

Invention and patent

Invention & Patent

Control Panel/Instrument Panel

Nameplate,label,Control panel,instrument panel,


Membrane switch

Membrane Switch

Touch switch

Touch Switch

Touch screen

Touch Screen

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