Touch Panel

Touch Panel & Monitors

QINGZHEN TECH focus on design, testing, production, and material development.We meet the needs of customers and achieve customer satisfaction. We are equipped with the capability and technology to design quality touch products.

Touch screen applications that are deployed across a diverse range of markets including aerospace, industrial, retail, marine, military, transportation, healthcare and medical.


  • We offer customers the most comprehensive array of touch products available.(ex.Industrial Monitors,Industrial Touch Monitors)
  • The best materials and highest standards of quality assurance.
  • Circuit Desgin of Prosucts.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Desgin.

PCB Design

Single-sided、Double-sided、Multi-layer PCB、Rigid / Flex circuits

PCB Farbrication

Proprietary Quality Assurance Program

PCB Layout

Electronic Circuit Design / PCB Layout & Schematic Capture

PCB Farbrication

QINGZHEN TECH specializes in providing companies of all sizes with high-quality full PCB production services.


PCB Assembly

Surface Mount (SMT) | Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) | Through-Hole Assembly | Mixed Assembly

Need a Membrane Switch Prototype?

Membrane Switch | Membrane Panel Switch | Membrane keyboard | Membrane Switch Prototypes 【Custom Membrane Switch】

CRT-CNC Replacement

We offer a wide range of displays for many industries.