Membrane Switch

We can design your membrane switch or manufacture the membrane switch you design.

We manufacture custom membrane switches for a variety of applications and industries. In the medical, industrial and consumer industries, switching applications must meet the set weight and design specifications. In addition to producing your membrane switch, we offer full subassembly services.


PCB Design

Single-sided、Double-sided、Multi-layer PCB、Rigid / Flex circuits

PCB Farbrication

Proprietary Quality Assurance Program

PCB Layout

Electronic Circuit Design / PCB Layout & Schematic Capture

PCB Farbrication

QINGZHEN TECH specializes in providing companies of all sizes with high-quality full PCB production services.


PCB Assembly

Surface Mount (SMT) | Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) | Through-Hole Assembly | Mixed Assembly

Need a Membrane Switch Prototype?

Membrane Switch | Membrane Panel Switch | Membrane keyboard | Membrane Switch Prototypes 【Custom Membrane Switch】

CRT-CNC Replacement

We offer a wide range of displays for many industries.